Storytelling: An Age-Old Love Affair

Ever wonder if video is part of our genetic code? It resonates so well as a communication tool. OK, so it may not be genetic, but it is 100% part of the human evolutionary story.

Since the beginning of time we have used visuals as a storytelling tool. The Egyptians’ entire language of hieroglyphics was based solely on visuals and then there were cave drawings (where do you think the Mad Bear Cave reference came from). We even use emoticons to express ourselves today. The truth is we respond strongly to visuals because the human brain has evolved that way. As lyrical as the written word can be, nothing helps tell a story better than impactful visuals.

We all simply love a good story. Does this come from thousands of years of tales being told by the village elders? Aristotle knew the deal. He outlined 7 Golden Rules of Storytelling. Stick to the basics and you can’t really go wrong. Samsung got the memo and executed it beautifully in one of their latest VR ads.

So the equation is arguably simple. Couple visuals with a great story, and it’s like candy for our brains. You’re grabbing a viewer on multiple levels: visually, intellectually and emotionally. That’s what video does and our brains crave that kind sweet engagement.

Whether it’s sharing a mission or inspiring a commitment to performance, storytelling is a powerful tool that can mean the difference between extraordinary status and being just another brand. Business communication doesn’t just have to be bullet points, simple statements, or rhetorical rants. A dose of the human element, emotions, and branded thinking can result in a memorable message. Check out what we mean and click on the video our Team just completed for a financial consulting firm. The video is not just an advertisement, it is a story of who they are and why you should care.

Just like the example above, when you use video to tell a story, you are not “talking at” the viewer, you are taking the viewer on a journey. You are generating an emotional response. When you tell a story, you shift the viewer from being “marketed to” to being entertained while simultaneously being subtly educated about a brand. So if you can saddle the power of video on the horse of a great story, you’re on the trail to developing a great bond between the viewer and your brand.

Happy storytelling!


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About the Author: Roshni Hannon

Her name means “light” and that is what she is… high energy, bright and fast. And yes… she does run regularly. While we’re not sure what she is running from (perhaps her two young kids) we know she’s covered a ton of ground. She was the Executive Producer for an award winning and number one rated morning show in Tampa for years. And now, she uses her unique blend of organization, storytelling and curiosity to help Mad Bear clients find their stories. Think of her as an architect, a story architect.